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Stay safe

Stay safe

Stay safe on

We  are 100% committed to make sure that visitor experience on our site is as safe as possible on

Here you can find advice on how to stay safe while trading on

Some universal rules to remember

  • Transact in your area. Meet the seller directly, verify the item thoroughly and then pay the price when fully satisfied. Use Doorstep Delivery where the service exists and have the product delivered directly to you.
  • Transact goods and money at the same time. Buyers – Don’t pay before you understand the product. Sellers – Do not send any goods before you understand the money.
  • Use your instincts. Avoid any kind of incredible offer, such as an offer at an unbelievably low price or a promise to make money fast.
  • Under no circumstances should you disclose your financial information. Such as your bank account, eBay or PayPal and any other information that could be misused.

Beware of scams and fraud

  • Fake or counterfeit financial services. does not provide any financial benefits or security. Let us know if you have received any such emails. Refrain from any type of online financial service provider or intermediary website unless you are 100% sure.
  • Application for fake or bogus information. never sends emails more than your personal information. Do not click on any link where you are emailed to provide details of your personal information to us. Please let us know immediately and delete that email.
  • Application for payment of fake or bogus fees. Don’t pay extra to buy or sell your product or service. does not charge a fee for providing basic services, and does not allow the sale of any product that is not located within Bangladesh, so import and brokerage fees will never apply.
  • Request to send money via Western Union or MoneyGram. This type of service is not for transactions between strangers and there is a lot of corruption or fraud through it. Do not respond to any such request from strangers.

Security of

We always strive to make your experience safe, beautiful and secure in .

Our safety measures include:

  • Email addresses are kept secret from your posted ads to protect against spam.
  • We give you the option to keep your phone number secret so that you can be protected from spam.
  • We continue to develop new technologies on our website to detect and easily detect any suspicious or inappropriate activity.
  • Detects suspicious or illegal activities to prevent criminals from re-using the site.

Let us know about security issues

If you think you may be a victim of fraud, please report it to us immediately. If you have been deceived, you are also advised to contact your local police station. is committed to protecting users’ privacy and, therefore, does not disclose user information to everyone. However, we will assist our users if they request any information from the police administration about their commitment to security provisions and their involvement in fraud or other criminal activities.

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