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What is ebkroy

What is ebkroy

What is ebkroy? is a website where you can trade almost everything. The best deals are usually with people in your city or area, so it’s easy to trade locally at All you have to do is select your area.

It takes less than 1 minutes to post an ad on You can sign up for a free account and always post ads easily. has a huge collection of new and old items all over Bangladesh, which makes it easy to find the product you want. So, if you are looking for a car, mobile phone, home, computer or pet, you can make the best deal at is not specialized for any particular category – here you can sell products in more than 100 categories. does not engage in any financial transactions with sellers and buyers. If a merchant or seller takes refuge in fraud, report it to the merchant or the advertiser. We will expel the seller or merchant from for life subject to investigation.

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